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In addition to domain name registration, Web Priced Right also offers fast and very secure email accounts. Every's email address is personalized with your domain name which makes it easy for friends and business associates to remember.

Every email plan comes with protection from both viruses and spam and can be used with most smart phones including; iPhone®, Droid® and other handheld devices.

Most businesses will be extremely interested in Hosted Exchange email which provides the high performance of corporate email without the costly maintenance.

Online security products helps customers combat Internet fraud and theft with a variety of affordable security tools. These include SSL Certificates, Premium DNS, Site Scanner and a Code Signing Certificate. 


Let us Build it for You

Our design team will create everything from your own personal single-purpose page up to a powerful e-commerce site that's ready to roll.
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Domain registration is Web Priced Right's main business. We are an ICANN-accredited registrar and the company currently manages massive amounts of domain names for million's of customers around the world. Web Priced Right is part of the largest domain name registrar in the world..

Web hosting
Since we are one of the world's largest hosting providers of websites, Web Priced Right offers advanced 4GH hosting that uses a very unique grid of server clusters that helps prevent outages and overage fees for its many hosting customers. Compared to other Web hosting still sold by many hosting companies, Web Priced Right's fourth generation hosting offers three times as much capacity without effecting site performance. 

The company also offers WordPress® hosting, blog and podcast hosting, ans also both virtual and  dedicated servers and Mac-powered cloud servers.


Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Visibility - Get traffic and commerce to your site via search engines.

Website Builders
WebSite Tonight®, Web Priced Right's very easy to use sitebuilder, allows the do-it-yourselfers to efficiently build and publish their own website on the Internet. And for clients who would like to sell products and/or services online, we feature Quick Shopping Cart® which can be used by itself  or  in addition to WebSite Tonight to create a fully functional eCommerce store. 

For those who do not have the desire or the time required to build their own website, our Dream Design Team is available to build it for them. 

There are dozens of Web Priced Right products that are designed to help entrepreneurs and established executives do business on the Web. In addition to Quick Shopping Cart and Web Priced Right we offer an extremely easy to use email marketing designer, and tools to improve your search engine ranking and several productivity aids like Online File Folder® and Online Calendar to jump start your business. 

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